Through its Algorithm of Excellence, SAWi has set a multi-vintage quality benchmark of 93/100 points for recognising wine excellence. This benchmark represents the highest quality of the Cape wine industry and unites the best wine producers under an established luxury brand platform. It also provides consumers with a credible quality attestation.
SAWi showcases the best wines in South Africa. The guide can be purchased online through this website. SAWi has tracked the performance of over 5000 wines to compile a list of wines that maintained a consistent score of 93+/100, between 2010 to 2020.

Results from reputable multi-national competitions were compiled to calculate what wine can be regarded as fine wine. This range is represented in the ‘GRAND WINES COLLECTION’ (GWC).

The aim of the first edition of the ‘Definitive Fine Wine Guide’ is to highlight the outcomes of the GWC in terms of classification. Wine enthusiasts are able to discern details about fine wine labels in various cultivar categories. The guide can be used when visiting wineries or during tastings as it offers details about various cultivars. The information is easily accessible and allows the reader to become savvy regarding fine wines and their classification in South Africa.