The wine industry at large is beset by many challenges of which but one is the ability to represent and communicate a brand to prospective consumers wherever and whenever they may find themselves in the world. Not only does one compete against a multiple array of wines, but against substitute beverages and this in a flooded and desensitized market where consumer attention has become a scarce commodity.

SAWi believes that through truly understanding the decisions people make when purchusing wine, it can offer a consumer clear value, and in exchange, gain their attention and trust. Through leveraging the existing brand and quality content of SAWi and creating an enabling environment, we can offer clear value to stakeholders within the wine industry – producers, retailers and consumers alike - through building information and communication channels that allow for quick and easy access to rich and relevant information.

Standing behind this enabling environment is the simple objective of assisting consumers in their wine purchase. To this end SAWi believe that the success of its offering relies on the ability to offer means through which consumers can quickly and easily access information on wine that is high in quality and relevant to the context of the consumer. Success therefore relies on means and content.

Starting with the latter, SAWi foresees high quality and relevant information comprising of three categories:

Factual Information (As commonly found on wine factsheets as provided by a Winery and/or winemaker e.g. tasting notes, climate, yield, fermentation, acid, alc. )

User Created Content (Content created by users in their engagement with wine e.g. user ratings and tasting notes, recommendations and likes) 

Credible, objective and comparative Wine Rating Index

By creating communication channels through which this information can be quickly and easily accessed within the above three categories of information, as well packaging it in a relevant and easily digestible fashion, SAWi can significantly lower the conceived risk of wine buying and empower as well as influence consumers to explore beyond their own preconceptions and prejudices and increase their confidence in purchasing wine.

These communication channels SAWi refer to as consumer touch points which it defines as ‘wherever and whenever a consumer comes in contact with a bottle of wine – be it at a restaurant, a dinner party at a friend’s house, on the wine shelf, at a retailer or in the tasting room of a winery. Wherever and whenever a consumer picks up a bottle of wine we want to provide the means for further discovery.

Consequently the SAWi Wine Platform consists of multiple touch-point offerings. Each is tailored towards a specific wine stakeholder within the industry to enable quick and easy access to the SAWi Wine Platform. This includes:


1. The SAWi DIGITAL MENU - a touch-point solution developed for tablet devices - iPad, Galaxy, Xoom - although it is also accessible on smart phones or on a personal computer

The software is configured to each individual restaurant with a number of options to consider;

Because the system functions completely independently of pre-existing software, integration is seamless.


2. SAWi MOBILE - a free mobile application touch-point, to be made available in all circumstances where wine is encountered as the primary engagement channel for a consumer. Once downloaded and installed on a user’s mobile phone, a consumer will have access to the following content and functionalities:

-  Again, content will be drawn from SAWI’s central database – see producers account – and empower and encourage a wine consumer to  

   quickly and easily retrieve rich and relevant information on a bottle of wine while also providing the opportunity to rate a

   wine and leave tasting notes, recommend to friends or followers via Twitter or Facebook.

- The consumer can also access more information on the producing estate of origin and view a satellite image of the terroir, obtain contact

  details for a visit or order wine.

- Embedded into the application is a QR Code Reader to allow for the quick access of wine information by simply “taking a photo” of the code

 on the bottle. Although around for more than a decade, this app has seen unprecedented growth and uptake in Western Countries

  over the last two years and rightly so, as it is a great mechanism to connect the “real world with the digital

- Consequently, the application of QR Codes presents great opportunities for brand managers to deepen and expand their exposure and

  engagement with consumers. Henceforth, the SAWi Wine Platform utilizes QR Codes as an entry point mechanism.

 The creation of a QR Code for a bottle of wine that links to a wine’s profile is a functionality available to Wineries and Marketers who have a  

 SAWi Producers account.


3. The SAWi NEW MEDIA WINE PRODUCER ACCOUNT - enables wineries to engage with the SAWi Wine Platform to manage their profile and content across all other platform components while having access to real-time generated wine engagement analytics.

The Producers Account consists of a number of features as showcased in the illustration below:

Individual Wine Profile

Once a new bottle of wine is registered on a Producers Account a unique QR Code is automatically generated for that bottle of wine. This Code can then be applied on the bottle of wine, in a magazine advert where the wine is featured, the packaging of the wine and leaflet’s. When a consumer scans this QR Code, e.g. while in a supermarket wine aisle, the wine profile will be displayed with content as specified by the producers account manager. From here a consumer can navigate to view all other wines available for that winery, visit the winery homepage for an overview on the winery, integrate with social media, remember and rate the wine.

Individual Contact Profile

The Winery account manager can create contact profiles on their account. Once created, a unique QR Code is automatically generated for that contact. This Code can then be applied on that individual’s business card, packaging material and at wine events. When scanned by a consumer or client, the individuals contact information will be displayed and be made available for download as a VCard. In this a fashion a client can import contact details into an address book through the simple scan of a QR Code. On the flipside, it will provide you with analytics on how frequently clients engage with your business card.

From an individual’s contact profile, clients will also be able to navigate to the winery portfolio.

Winery Mobile Homepage:

The winery itself will have a homepage that is integrated with above mentioned features. This will contain information on the winery itself, with the story behind the winery, contact information, the option of purchasing wine, tasting hours and a Google map placement. A unique QR Code is also automatically generated that will link directly to a Winery’s profile page. This QR Code can for example be applied on packaging, to magazine advertisements and posters.

On the Winery Profile Page consumers will also be able to read the latest news snippets posted by the producer account manager, be it the release of a new wine, wine specials, latest awards, discounts, upcoming events etc. Consumers will then be able to further this news snippet by automatically re-tweeting it to their Twitter Feed or posting it to their Facebook Wall


Wherever a consumer engages with a Winery’s products through the scan of a QR Code, the account manager will be presented with analytics detailing when it has been scanned, where it has been scanned, what they looked at, how they rated it, if they recommend it, how many times it had been posted to Facebook or Twitter etc. One feature of the SAWI Wine Platform is that everything should be measurable and therefore is.

This platform is a multi-faceted environment that can be applied in a variety of spaces where consumers engage with wine – be it on their mobile phone in a retailer wine aisle, with an iPad in a restaurant, a touch screen within a boutique wine shop or wherever else.

The advantage of this platform is that it is an integrated environment that is simple and easy to deploy while cost-effective, and allows a winery to manage its wine content and profile from a single point, while retrieving real-time analytics on where their wine is engaged, by whom and when.


4. SAWi ENGAGE - This product offering integrates with the SAWi New Media product and your brand's existing social media presence. It allows consumers to engage with your wines at tasting rooms, tradeshows and exhibitions through a tablet device such as an iPad, Galaxy Tab, Playbook...

Product Specifications:

          -        Comprehensive Consumer Analytics Unlimited QR Codes – Unique QR Code issued per Vintage


5. SAWi DIGITAL WINE LIST - This product offering is orientated towards restaurants, hotels and winebars or where ever wine is sold in a dining environment. It empowers a patron to explore available wines and make an informed choice.

Product Specifications:

           -        Content Management System


6. SAWi WINECLUB - This product offering is orientated at wineclubs and tasting events where people come to explore and appreciate wines and want to record their engagement and experience.

 Product Specifications:

       -         Integration with Social Media



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