Superlative Top Class Masterpiece

20 Point Scale 18 +
100 point scale 96.0 +


Excellent Wine of Distinction / Exceptionally Outstanding

Terrific wines of exceptional complexity and character. A wine of profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety. Wines of this calibre are worth a special effort to find, purchase, and consume. 90-100 is equivalent to an A in school and is awarded only for an outstanding or special effort. Wines in this category are the very best produced of their type. There is a big difference between a 90 and 99, but both are top marks.

20 Point Scale 16 - 17
100 point scale 90.0 - 95.0


Good to Very Good

A barely above average to very good wine displaying various degrees of finesse and flavour as well as character with no noticeable flaws. 80-89 is equivalent to a B and such a wine, particularly in the 85-89 range, is very, very good; many of the wines that fall into this range are often of great value.

20 Point Scale 15 - 15.5
100 point scale 80.0 - 89.0


Average and Pleasant

An average wine with little distinction except that it is soundly made. In essence, a straightforward, innocuous wine. 70-79 represents a C, or average mark. Wines that receive scores between 75 and 79 are generally pleasant, straightforward wines that lack complexity, character, or depth.

20 Point Scale 14 - 14.5
100 point scale 70.0 - 79.0


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