This is for people that do not have the desire or time to learn all about fine wine. Otherwise, the learning curve is pretty steep and can take years of study and much frustration to eventually ‘come to an understanding’. It’s really like learning a foreign language and one must have that kind of commitment and resources of both time and money to par with other wine experts. Is there any purpose in this when all you want to know is what constitutes a good wine?

How do you buy wine? Have you at least thought about why you would choose one bottle (brand) over another? If your response is, “I’ve had it before and I’m okay with it”, or more often than not, “I prefer to stick with a known label, or even the look of the label”, then you are probably not all that serious about wine and enjoy it for the social aspect of things. 

If you want to know a little more and would like to exchange thoughts on wine, then learning simple basics could be the answer.  One is bound to ask more questions. Each of us has a special palate that may differ completely to that of someone else. Do you prefer white or red wine,  one with a low or slightly higher alcohol content, and what about low or high acidity?  

Knowing your likes and dislikes, alongside the difference in wine styles, could help you in deciding what wines to look for. Mostly, you only need a simple wine guide such as SAWi while out shopping, when you normally have little information available as to what to get. SAWi wants to tear you from your comfort zone in the hope that you discover a world of varying good wines.

The app design is easy to use with a barcode that, while in a store, could be scanned alongside a reference code to immediately call up a score and tasting notes for an informed decision.

It is believed that regardless of price, if you have a good experience in discovering good wine, you will at some point want to expand your horizons into better wines as your knowledge increases.

Start recommending wines like the experts do.

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